Saturday, January 29, 2011

Proposed Arizona law to stop 'anchor baby' policy

Arizona is stirring up controversy again with lawmakers (Republicans, certainly) working on a new law to prevent anchor babies. Story here.

The press -- known to be 85% liberal -- calls the right wing "racist" because they stand against illegal immigration. Though this position is not logical (because most right-wingers have no problem with legal immigration), it gets repeated constantly.

Here's what our press isn't reporting: Harry Reid used to be against the anchor baby policy. From 1993:

Fun Fact

As of Jan 25 or 26, the number of illegal immigrants caught trying to cross the San Diego sector of the USA-Mexico border was 11,000. That's 11k in just 25 days in one small sector of the border. Official US Gov numbers say that approximately three make it for every one that is caught, though most people think the numbers of "successful" entries are much higher. Story here.

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