Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt protests -- something to remember

The media always exaggerates because they're not in the business of informing the public. When the dust settles in Egypt we'll learn that things aren't quite as bad as they're being reported now.

We'll see if 'Egypt Burns' gets added to the list of nonsensical media scares:

Y2K - the former undisputed heavyweight champ

Global cooling

Global warming - defeated Y2K for the biggest non-story in history


Bird flu

Foot and mouth disease

Mad cow disease

Swine flu / H1N1 - a flue that was as mild as seasonal flu and not more infectious somehow was labeled a pandemic and caused Mexicans to be quarantined in some Asian countries all because of the media, not reality

Acid rain


Hurricane Katrina - even a genuine disaster had to be exaggerated all out of proportion; inaccurate outbursts by single sources were often reported as fact in newspapers across the country

Unintended acceleration, Audi

Unintended acceleration, the sequel, Toyota

'Egypt Burns'?

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