Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NYTimes, LATimes bury Dem spending story

The biggest news in the United States today is the new budget submitted by Dems. LA Times has the story buried in their politics section, when it should be on the front page.

It's not on the NYTimes front page (web), and a search for "budget" turned up no results on the first page. They have the smallest piece I've ever seen on a federal budget bill -- in the politics section. You've got to read it. The GOP opposition is mentioned first, then "spending measure cuts $26 billion from Barack Obama’s budget request", and at the very bottom they mention "spending bill includes hundreds of lawmaker-directed spending items". To NYT, 6,488 is "hundreds".

The leading Democrat promoters know the new budget will be very unpopular, so they're squelching it to protect their people. These are the same people that complain about Fox News and talk radio being biased to the right.

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