Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Liberal Heroes, Part 1: John Lennon

Liberal hero John Lennon was shot and killed 30 years ago today, a sad moment in history. But let's take a closer look at this far-left druggie.

Things began well, with the rise of The Beatles and a marriage to a loving wife. Soon a baby came along -- little Julian.

Then good old John met Yoko Ono, a heroin fiend, and John was hooked in more ways than one. And thus John's downward spiral began. John decided to end The Beatles, the most popular rock act of all time. His next move was to abandon his wife and young son.

Free of the burden of a good family life and paternal responsibility, Johnny-boy pursued his true passions full-time: porking Ono, shooting heroin, and whining about the Vietnam War.

In a strange way, one can understand why Liberals were -- and are -- drawn to such depravity.

On this anniversary of John Lennon's death, let us remember that "all we need is love", and drugs and a mistress and, most of all, to scorn the people who love us most.

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