Thursday, December 09, 2010

Americans: China No. 1

NationalJournal is reporting that most Americans think China has surpassed us economically. This is not true, of course, the corrupt commies are big, but not big enough to be No. 1. Some economists are claiming they surpassed Japan in 2010 to become No. 2 in the world, but they are certainly not No. 1.

    In the global race for jobs and economic prosperity, the United States is No. 2. And it is likely to remain there for some time. That’s the glum conclusion of most Americans surveyed in the latest Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll.

So why do Americans think China is on top? LIBERAL FUCKING MEDIA. Don't make any mistake about it. NPR/NYTimes and crew (85% of U.S. media is lefty) have been fawning over China for many years now, and just as eagerly they have been bashing the United States. Eventually this kind of USA-bashing and China-hyping will have an affect on the Great Unwashed.

What's happening in this country is similar to what happened in Germany before and after the First World War. I predict America's path will have additional similarities to Germany between the wars.

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