Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yesterday the NY Times, today the LA Times

Yet another example of massive media bias can be seen in one of the country's biggest papers. This time it's the LA Times bashing Republicans -- for the same thing the NY Times bashed Republicans for yesterday. Emphasis added:

    Bipartisanship in foreign policy has all but disappeared, and the first victim is likely to be the Obama administration's New START treaty with Russia. This agreement, which is both modest in its cuts and extremely favorable to U.S. concerns, has been the centerpiece of President Obama's attempts to reset U.S.-Russian relations.

This kind of far-left bias, which accounts for 85% of all print-online-tv media, is why I laugh at people like Jay Rockefeller and Hillary Clinton when they talk about getting Fox News under control or taken off the air. It's okay with them when biased media is on their side, but they want to shut down dissenting opinions. We have a word for this: tyranny.

Only 21% of Americans call themselves "liberal", yet the newspapers with the biggest reach are in that camp. Strange

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