Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NY Times now openly bashing Republicans

Just when you thought the New Communist Times couldn't get any worse, an editorial doesn't even attempt to sound neutral. This is one of the most shrill hit-pieces I've seen from the once-great newspaper.

    The [arms control] treaty is so central to this country’s national security, and the objections from Mr. Kyl — and apparently the whole Republican leadership — are so absurd that the only explanation is their limitless desire to deny President Obama any legislative success.

The piece illustrates one of the many gripes I have with lefties -- they don't know that their opinion is an opinion, and that other opinions are valid. This is elitism in all its glory. "Our way is the one right way, and anything else is unbridled idiocy." At least the Right has the class to say, "We disagree; we don't like the direction you're taking us, and we'll fight you for it." There's none of the complete dismissal we see from the Left.

Some people, believe it or not, feel that the United States is less safe with fewer weapons, and we're not all clinically retarded.

    The treaty, the first with Russia in a decade, calls for both sides to reduce their deployed warheads modestly to 1,550 from 2,200. More important, it would restore “verification,” inspections and other exchanges of information about the American and Russian arsenals.

The treaty, nicely explained above, is unnecessary. The U.S. and Russia are far and away the countries with the most nuclear weapons -- and the most powerful nuclear weapons -- and for 60 years each of us has demonstrated that we can possess them without annihilating anyone. Only the weirdo peaceniks on the far-left are excited about making America less powerful.

The silver lining is that pieces like this editorial might finally enlighten Middle America about media bias. People who don't read a lot of newspapers (or watch a lot of TV news) tend to think the NY Times, LA Times, CNN, and PBS/NPR are politically neutral. Wake up, fools.

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John Craig said...

I agree with everything you've said except for the "now" in the headline. The NY Times -- all the propaganda that's fit to print -- has been doing this for years. And the worst part is that their liberal pc biases have crept into every section of the newspaper. The rot has spread from the editorial section to the front page to the Metro section to the arts, and even to business and sports. It's sickening.