Friday, November 12, 2010

A boy and his flag: the face of Liberalism

The California school who unbelievably ordered a 13-year-old boy to keep his American flag at home has changed its mind. FoxNews:

    But just in time for Veterans Day, school officials at Denair Middle School told Cody he would no longer be allowed to display the flag, citing complaints from other students.

    Now, after a public outcry, the school has decided that the grand old flag can come back.

    Superintendent Edward Parraz says the school was trying to avoid racial tensions that stemmed from a "little issue" that arose when Hispanic students brought Mexican flags to school on Cinco De Mayo.

Here's the deal, in my view: I've lived in California a long time, and have gotten to know many Mexicans (Mexican-Americans). Great people, by and large. They're smart, work so hard they make your average white American look pathetically lazy, and my favorite thing is their sense of humor. Nice people, and they should show a bit more respect to the country they live in -- don't wave foreign flags, and don't object to the waving of the flag of the country.

I've been to Mexico countless times, and I'd never show Mexicans the cruel disrespect of waving a U.S. flag on Mexican soil. I'm not that mean.

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