Thursday, June 03, 2010

Words and phrases warped by liberalism and corporate PR

swamp = wetland

Christmas = holiday

chocolate malt = mocha frappawhatever

jungle = rainforest

Third World = developing

British Petroleum = BP

pest = endangered species

tax = investment

failure = deferred success

baby = fetus or collection of cells

prison guard = correctional officer

Phillip Morris = Altria

terrorist = freedom fighter (thanks, Mondotti)

illegal alien = undocumented immigrant (undocumented Democrat, more like it)

used car = certified pre-owned (CPO)

smaller increase in spending = decrease in spending

coal = clean coal

bum = homeless

coffin = casquet

Kentucky Fried Chicken = KFC

hunting = management or harvesting

having a good time = sexual addiction

drunk = alcoholic

lying bitch = Hillary Clinton

unused field = wildlife habitat

communism and socialism = liberalism

liberalism = political correctness

global warming = climate change

terrorist = militant

mp3 player = iPod

1 comment:

mondotti said...

Nice list Don.. Just a few I have to add: Terrorist; "Freedom Fighter" oppressed by occupiers as Cindy Sheehan and Helen Thomas would argue. Islamofacist terrorist (sorry for the redundancy) committing act of terror; "Man caused disaster". War on Terror: "Overseas contingency operation". Tea Party Protesters; “Radical, Racist domestic terrorists”. Rent-a-Mob, Socialist workers party, SEIU thugs (again, sorry for the redundancy); “Patriots”.