Monday, November 06, 2006

Shaved Ape imposter and a dumb bitch

Take a look at this woman's diary, or journal, or whatever it is. It makes me glad my divorce was finalized last summer. Irrational hormonal rages are a thing of the past. Men don't need to put up with chicks like this; emphasis as found:

    Last night I was looking at the pictures Jeremy picked to have as a screen saver on his computer. There were picures of me as a baby on my biological father's lap, me dressed like a little cowgirl with my plastic horse, me trying to walk, etc. You get the idea. Then, all of a sudden, there was a COMPLETELY NAKED WOMAN that popped up after a pic of me as a baby on my father's shoulders.

    Not only was I instantly infuriated I was completely disgusted that he would put that picture mixed in with pictures of my childhood. Not only did he take one of the very few things that I take precious and completely defiled it, he took away its innocence for me and he made my stomach turn. I honestly could not believe he did that. I dont know if there is anything more he could do to me to hurt me so much and contaminate the extremely precious few things I have of my childhood with my father. I simply could not believe it. I still cant believe it.

She later calls him "shaved ape", if I read it correctly.

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