Sunday, October 01, 2006

Britain goes down the rabbit hole

A Daily Mail story from the UK made the hair on my neck stand on end. The Brit government has appointed a fairly radical Muslim teacher an official schools inspector.

Mr. Khan is best known for this outburst:

    Mr Khan, now headmaster of an Islamic school, launched into his tirade during a concert rehearsal at Washwood Heath Secondary School in Birmingham in 1996 after the choir including around 40 Muslim youngsters, had sung a number of popular Christmas songs, including carols.

    He leapt from his seat, yelling: "Who is your God? Why are you saying Jesus and Jesus Christ? God is not your God - it is Allah."

    As children in the audience began booing and clapping, a number of choir members - both white and Asian - walked out, some in tears.

Reader comments (I put a few below) reflect clear thinking. Why can't the British government stand up to this lunacy? Are there too many Galloway's and Livingstone's?

    "As I have said many times, I am disappointed but no longer surprised at the ludicrous decisions made by those who should know better."

    "...Britain needs a written constitution that protects the interests of the indigenous population, legislation that makes politicians legally resposnsible for their actions and a thorough shake-up of the civil establishment to purge it of the idiots who make decisions such as this."

    "As a semi retired teacher who spent many years in multi-cultural schools I am horrified at the appointment of this radical Muslim as an OFSTED inspector."

    "This is unbelievable. Just who is responsible for appointing this man to this position?"

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