Saturday, September 30, 2006

The week in irrationality

A roundup of lefty blogs; caution, most suffer from Acute Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Democratic Underground

Here's an absurd introduction to a whiney attempt at praising the bad things happening to Republican politicians lately.

    Last night, along with millions of my fellow citizens, I was toasting the demise of my country. Well into our cups, we sat around and prepared the obligatory obituary, too numb with grief to be truly coherent; too blinded by tears to accept any consolation.

    In my despair, I had almost given up hope that after the tears, the anger necessary to keep fighting the good fight would ever surface again – that things, as we are all wont to say, would look better in the morning.

    But the sun rose, the alarm clock blared, and the same bus that runs late every day was – you guessed it – wholly-predictable in being late again.

You can picture the author, "NanceGreggs", sipping coffee on her sofa, dreadlocks smelling like crotch, a faded Che Guevara T-shirt, and pajamas hiding unshaven legs.

Think Progress

This blog dedicated almost the enitre week to Jack Abramoff. I wonder if they realize nobody cares except far-left radicals. Lobbyists are scum, always have been, always will.

America Blog

These nutjobs are enamored of Woodward's new anti-American book (they're enamored of anything anti-American). They're saying Rice was warned about 9/11 by Tenet, but ignored the warning. The insinuation: Rice knew about 9/11 coming, and wanted the attacks to happen, and therefore did nothing.

    It's the most important piece of evidence, other than the PDB, showing that the Bush White House ignored the signs that 9/11 was coming. How the hell did the 9/11 Commission miss this?

The Foley resignation has captured the attention of the rest of this blog.

Crooks and Liars

These fringe radicals are fondling their private parts while reading Woodward's book, too.

    No wonder Tenet freaked when the attacks came. He knew all along something big was happening, but couldn't wake these people up.

The Foley resignation seems to excite them, too.

Daily Kos

See above; nothing new. Just the same braying.


Rumsfeld bashing: "Nothing ticks off Rumsfeld like these crazy liberal notions of following the law or respecting the other branches of government."

They're also joining in the lovefest over Woodward's book, plus some jabs at Lieberman: "Joe is truly unprincipled and shameless. A man of no honor."

Joe Lieberman is "shameless" and has "no honor" because he doesn't hate Bush sufficiently. It's kind of funny. Someone who isn't a strong enough enemy of my enemy, is my enemy, I guess. Sun-Tzu didn't say it precisely in that way.

And here's a double-shot against interrogating terrorists and stopping the million-plus illegal aliens sneaking into the country every year:

    The Democrats in the Senate fail us once again. After Thursday's approval of the torture - denial of habeas bill, Friday they voted to approve the House bill to build a 700 mile fence across the border.

I doubt the sanity of anyone who thinks allowing millions of undocumented aliens to sneak in every year, without any ID checks, is a good idea.

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