Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thai coup, Annan says adieu, and other stuff

Five items to make you feel good about the world...

5. Iran's "president" told the UN his nuclear ambitions are peaceful. And in other porcine aviation news, I'm the Pope. AP.

4. Thailand's government was toppled by the military in a bloodless coup. Wow. We haven't seen anything like this for many years, not counting the backwards little countries of Africa. AP.

3. Good riddance to a misguided, corrupt Kofi Annan. The moronic terror sympathesizer steered the UN through countless scandals, including UN troops raping the people they were sent to protect, and massive examples of fraud. AP.

I used to think the U.S. should leave the UN, considering the debating society is filled with kings, dictators, and genocidal madmen. But, we need to retain the veto in the Security Council. There's no telling what the barbarians would do if the one sane vote left for greener, and less corrupt, pastures.

2. Saddam is to get a new judge in his genocide trial. And we need to say "genocide" very quietly, lest the liberals tone down their Bush Derangement Syndrome. The judge was considered biased after allowing Saddam to rant uncontrollably, and telling the man who ruled Iraq absolutely for 25 years -- a time span in which more than 70 mass graves accumulated -- that he was not a dictator. Reuters.

1. NASA has delayed the landing of the Shuttle Atlantis because of a mystery object floating in space. The object turned out to be Larry Hagman's liver, which poses no threat to the spacecraft. BBC.

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