Friday, September 29, 2006

Smoking cigarettes contributes to global warming?

Gore tells the UN cigarette smoking is a major contributor to global warming. What a fucking idiot. If anybody ever tells me to my face they believe smoking contributes to global warming, I'll walk away. The fearmongering on "climate change" is completely out of hand.

To begin with, the earth has been warming and cooling drastically for millennia. Britain alone has swung from tropical swampland to frozen ice age and back again -- all without any human contribution. And now, because the earth has warmed up between .5 and 1 degree F in the last 100 years, the sky is falling? And humans MUST be the cause?

I don't care how many scientists claim the phenomenon is anthropogenic, they're friggin morons in the face of the last few million years of history.

(Gore story from Drudge)

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