Monday, September 18, 2006

The Religion of Scalded Cats, and other stuff

Five items to start the week...

5. Sweden embraces sanity, for a change. A center-right coalition is forming for the first time in 12 years, which should pave the way for trimming the bloated welfare state and improve the economy. Socialism only works on paper, folks. Reuters.

4. Kevin Harvick takes risks on the way to winning the first race of the Chase for the NASCAR Nextel Cup. Somehow neither Tony Stewart nor Robbie Gordon smashed any of the championship contenders. Detroit Free Press.

3. NFL Week 2 Stats

Top 3 Total Offense:
1. Indy Colts
2. SD Chargers
3. Chi Bears

Top 3 Rushing:
1. Atl Falcons
2. SD Chargers
3. NE Pats

Top 3 Passing:
1. Indy Colts
2. Phil Eagles
3. NY Jets

QB Rating:
1. Rex Grossman CHI
2. Charie Batch PIT
3. David Carr HOU

Top 3 Total Defense:
1. Balt Ravens
2. Chi Bears
3. SD Chargers

2. Muslims continue their nonsensical hysteria over the pope's comments. Funny thing, Islam is a violent religion, and everybody knows it. Instead of calling Islam the Religion of Peace, we should call it what it is -- the Religion of Scalded Cats. That's how adherents act, more often than not. LGF.

1. Australian Muslims in Oz are told terrorism is their problem. I've held this view for many, many years (see this post, and this one). The terroristsMuslims throughout the West feel...pick a lefty word...marginalized, disenfranchised, and alienated by tough anti-terror laws. They usually threaten Western governments with more terror if Muslim youth aren't made to feel more welcome. Yet they're just not getting the fact that the terrorism must stop, then open and honest discussions about "inclusion" can begin. Herald Sun via USS Neverdock.


Shane McAdams said...

NFL Stats? WTF is this??

The Shaved Ape said...


I'm disappointed in you. Didn't you know football is America's game?

Shane McAdams said...

I thought only American Imperialism was Ameria's game.

Shane M. said...

plus, there's martians circling the shuttle in a tiny, spherical UFO..only "THEY" are not telling us about it. And by "THEY" I mean the Illuminati that controls all the world's governments.

The Shaved Ape said...

If you say so.