Friday, September 15, 2006

Fools and morons for Friday

Five items for posterity...

5. Here we go again. The barbarians have unearthed another instance of insult by infidel. The Pope has angered Muslims by refering to violence and Islam in close proximity to one another. If this is anything like the stupid cartoon uprising, I suppose we'll see Muslims burning cars and buildings, swarming in the streets like maggots on stool, and the odd kidnapping and beheading. The western press will bow and scrape, as always.

I think the Pope should get out the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. USA Today.

4. Ford is laying off another 10,000 and closing two factories. American car companies are going the way of American TVs. Better products, made with less expense by foreign nations, are on the verge of finishing off the American auto industry. Toyota, on the other hand, is so rich, it was once described by a U.S. car magazine as a bank that make cars on the side. Toyota could buy Ford or GM, and probably should buy both.

Drive a Ford Ranger, then drive a Toyota Tacoma. Drive a Ford Taurus, then drive a Toyota Camry. That's all you need to know. AP.

3. Bagged spinach is causing a minor E. coli epidemic. What is Popeye saying about this? AP.

2. Another Internet Explorer vulnerability exposed. Hackers posted code for launching the attacks, too. How nice. PC World.

1. J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Twatter series, challenged airport security and won. She had in her hands a hard copy, mostly hand written, of the final Twatter book. It was the only copy, so she insisted on carrying it on. Security personnel allowed her. AP.

Now what kind of idiot keeps a single, paper manuscript as the only copy of a multi-million dollar book? Money didn't improve Rowling's intellect.

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