Friday, August 11, 2006

Fauxtography, random bag searches, and other stuff

Five items worthy of a cease-fire...

5. I've always believed that a headline exists for the sole purpose of getting people to read the first paragraph, with the understanding that it must be accurate and in context. Similarily, graph1 exists to get people to read the whole story.

Few headlines will get people onto graph1 better than this one, appearing at The Daily Ablution: UK Taxpayers Help Marxist "Queers" Change the World - 5,000 Children at a Time.

4. Fauxtography scandal (photogate?) grinds on within the blogosphere and is now white-hot in the MSM, who perpetrated the problem in the first place. A Reuters contract photographer named Hajj photoshopped a number of photos of destruction and death in Beirut. He added smoke plumes to make the devastation look worse, and he added anti-missile countermeasures to an F16 flight, then claimed they were missiles.

Other photos, perhaps by Hajj, had been staged. A Hezbollah rescue worker was seen helping dig through rubble in one photo, then posed as a corpse in another.

Reuters finally admitted the fraud, thanks to constant pressure from LGF, The Jawa Report, Michelle Malkin, and countless other blogs. Reuters pulled all 920 Hajj photos and fired him. Fauxtography has appeared in the UK's Daily Mail, the BBC online, The Independent, Reuters (of course), The New York Times, U.S. News, and undoubtedly other places.

Links to coverage, blog and MSM, of faked photographs from Lebanon:

USA Today
NY Times
Washington Post
The Jawa Report
EU Referendum

3. The Department of Homeland Security (and doesn't the NSA make them unecessary?) is advising U.S. consumers to patch their Windows installations. It's a first for the department, making this warning seem very serious indeed. Here's the gist of the flaw: "...a buffer overrun could open up a remote code execution risk that could result in a system takeover." BetaNews.

2. World Trade Center is fairly good -- I saw it last night. If it wasn't about a true story, and such an important one, I would have been bored, though. It wasn't what I was expecting. Serves me right for seeing a film without reading any reviews or summaries. I recommend it.

It was probably the only film starring Nicolas Cage that didn't insult me. Remember Con Air and all the other worthless garbage that guy has done?

One small item was Oliver Stoned, contrary to what countless fools are saying about the film. After the towers were hit, Stone showed six or eight scenes of people sitting around a TV set watching the news for the first time, in shock. There were scenes of Americans at a barber shop, some people on the street listening to a radio, etc. Stone takes us around the world -- Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. During the Middle East scenes of people hearing the news, they were as quiet and shocked as we were, in the film. But in reality, they were dancing in the streets and making that weird ululating sound in the backs of their throats.

1. Security workers in NYC can conduct random bag checks. Amazing. The New York Civil Liberties Union was arguing that random checks are unconstitutional and would not deter terrorist attacks. Obviously those liberals want us to die, or perhaps never heard of recent Muslim bombings of transportation targets in Madrid, Moscow, and London.

The next liberal hurdle is "random." With Muslim males perpetrating 99.99999% of all terrorist attacks worldwide, we still can't profile. Reuters.


Shane McAdams said...

Is the Stone movie conspiratorial in nature ala JFK or is it pretty straightforward? Your description of it makes it sounds dull.

The Shaved Ape said...

It is kind of dull, but I still recommend it (highly). Flight 93 wasn't a barn-burner, either, but I recommend that one, too.

It wasn't conspiratorial. It was literally a day in the life of two Port Authority policemen. They were on the concourse connecting T1 and T2 when the towers fell. They were both trapped in rubble and badly injured, but eventually saved.

That's it.

And I'm not sure about the Stoning effect I mentioned in my post -- about the Arab reaction. The parades of joy may have been contained to the Palestinian territories (where Carter says Hamas being elected was "beautiful"), but I highly doubt that since nearly all Muslims are glad 9/11 happened.