Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Left still afraid of 'military-industrial establishment'

I thought the hippies might let it lie, but a quick look at Democratic Underground showed me they're still smoking the same joint.

DU: "In both cases, the American military-industrial establishment hunkered down in its paranoia until some event could be seized upon as justification for expanding an already bloated military."

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have been born in the United States, to have been educated and raised here, enjoying the benefits of a strong economy and a freedom-based system, and then, at some point or turn of events, to decide you hate it bitterly and believe everything the government does is designed to hurt you personally. What an awful life it must be, believing that.

When these kooks go to the local DMV, or Social Security Administration office, do they believe that the folks behind the counter have it in for them? Do they parse every word of Bush's speeches for secret messages being sent to the "military-industrial establishment"? Do they actually believe Bush launched what is considered a major war to enrich his buddies? It would be self-torture to believe in these kinds of things.

Todays' DU diatribe talks of the "military-industrial establishment's" paranoia. I think the far-left crowd DU appeals to may be better served by looking in the mirror on matters of paranoia because the bottom line is this: the government, while imperfect, is not out to get you.

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