Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Asteroids and snakes

Five items to make you run and hide...

5. A large asteroid will pass close to us on July 3. It won't hit the earth, but since it was discovered only a year and a half ago, it demonstrates that a life-ending event (ELE?) could be just around the corner. If the asteroid's orbit was bound for earth, what could we have done in 18 months? We can't even get a shuttle off the ground in that much time.

We'll have to leave earth at some point if we're to survive as a species. And if you think people are fat slobs now, just wait until gravity is gone.


4. BBC headline: Snake displays changing colours. What was Hillarious Clinton doing in a Borneo rainforest?

3. Drudge links to the Powerline blog, which is a little odd considering Matt Drudge doesn't like blogs and takes issue when people refer to him as a blogger. Powerline found a September 2001 New York Times article lecturing the Bush administration on the proper methods of combating terrorism. On the list is going after terrorist financing. The liberals shamelessly change their opinions when a Republican is in charge. Powerline via Drudge.

2. The BBC has an interesting story about the marsh Arabs, the subculture of Iraqis that Saddam Hussein obliterated. Liberals were in favor of that. BBC.

1. USA Today headline: Poll finds Americans proud of military, economy. Liberals, of course, are ashamed of both, and that explains why they have no political power. I hope it stays that way.

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Shane McAdams said...

A large asteroid will pass close to us on July 3.

"Hale-Bopp II: The Sequel"