Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Idiocy in the news

1. After Afghanistan and Iraq, I was firmly in Bush's corner. But after immigration, funding Hamas, and now an offer to give Iran nuclear technology, I'm not sure the guy is sane. WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING HERE? Were all those speeches about rejecting the appeasement of dictatorships pure bullshit, applying only to overthrowing Saddam Hussein?

2. A UN errand-boy has accused the US of not standing up for the UN domestically. It's time I stopped getting angry about a corrupt, inept, and generally fetid UN, and just begin laughing at these occasional stupid outbursts. Bolton hasn't yet told them that the US doesn't give a damn about their idiocy any longer. They mean nothing.

3. Indecency fines in the US are poised to rise immensely. We live in a peculiar society where extreme violence is acceptable, especially in hip-hop music and in the movies, but showing a .0001-second glimpse of a pair of cans will cost you millions of dollars. It's Ashcroftian. I'm really getting tired of this "culture".

4. Headline: Gitmo detainee says clash involed Qurans. Shouldn't that be "Koran," or "Qu'ran"? Whatever the little books are called, TAKE THEM AWAY AND TELL THE DETAINEES TO FUCK OFF. Put them in sound-proof rubber rooms and drip gruel down on them at noon each day. Terrorists deserve nothing better.

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