Thursday, June 22, 2006

Fuck World Cup Soccer

I remember why I don't care about soccer, plus I have a new reason not to care. No. 1, it's boring as all fuck. A bunch of guys run around on a huge field for 90 minutes. If you're extremely lucky there will be a single goal. You can see all the action in the 20-second update on the nightly news. No. 2, at this World Cup, the officials are clearly against the U.S. I watched most of the USA-Italy game, and I'm half way through USA-Ghana, and it's the exact same thing.

True, the USA isn't playing very well. We're just not a good team. That said, the officials are penalizing the USA when no foul is committed. A bad call just gave Ghana a goal from a penalty kick and, since scoring is almost a non-factor in soccer, they will probably win because of it. In this game the announcers are saying the same thing they said in the previous games: "Are the officials watching the same game we are?" Officials penalize the USA for absolutely nothing, when the opposing team gets called for perhaps half of their fouls.

And, where is the physical play I saw at the last Olympics? This is cowardly, chicken-shit stuff, for the most part. These guys should be in Hollywood, not Germany. Bunch of babies. Why not play a sport where there's actual danger?

Fuck soccer, fuck World Cup.

UPDATE: Ghana just drove for the USA goal and I was wondering how a guy got through our lines. The commentator cleared it up for me: Ghana was offside and the officials didn't call it. Less than 60 seconds later, the USA drove for Ghana's goal -- offside! Fifteen seconds later USA drives for Ghana's goal again, and ... offside! I'm turning off the TV now.

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Shane McAdams said...

It's all Bush's fault!