Saturday, June 24, 2006

Dems fractured, weaker than ever

The 86-13 loss the hippies suffered this week is showing fractures within the Democratic party, even at the leadership level, according to an AP story released today.

    "It is, I think, a tribute to the Democratic Party at this moment in time that we are honestly and openly struggling with a lot of the difficult issues facing our country," Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, another potential Democratic presidential nominee, said Friday.

Hillarious Clinton is in fine form by calling the deep divisions in her party an actual tribute to the party.

    In the end, the GOP-led Senate defeated the two Democratic plans for pulling out U.S. forces but only after two weeks of haggling that left the party fractured on Iraq and even caused divisions in the leadership ranks, pitting Reid against his top lieutenant, Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois.

The poor liberals!

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