Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bush reforms emminent domain, and other stuff

Five items worthy of your attention...

5. According to AP, "President Bush ordered Friday that the federal government cannot seize private property except for a public use such as a hospital or road. The move occurred on the one-year anniversary of a controversial Supreme Court decision that gave local governments broad power to bulldoze people's homes to make way for private development."

4. A new study says we're getting more and more lonely. I recommend an adult DVD. AP.

3. As predicted by every non-liberal, the finding of WMDs in Iraq is too little, too late, and even too old to satisfy the hippies who think Bush lied. If Bush lied about WMD, why would he not lie about finding WMDs right away? He's only willing to lie to make himself look bad, but he's unwilling to lie to make himself look good? That's liberal (il)logic for you. Seattle Times.

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2. Yesterday and today I saw news stories saying the earth is at its warmest in 400 years, 1000 years, and 2000 years. As the days go by the figures get more and more outlandish. Straight away, if we're the warmest in 2000 years, that means we were warmer in the year 6. Were there any "greenhouse" gases at that time? Were there any smokestacks? Global warming and cooling is cyclical, and I have neither seen nor heard a single shred of evidence to suggest it's anthropogenic. None.

Have you noticed the liberal trick of renaming something when it starts to get old? The dreaded greenhouse effect became global warming. When they realized nobody cared, they renamed it "climate change." George Carlin has a list of others, although because he's a hippie liberal he neglected to credit liberals with the changes: swamps became wetlands, illegal aliens became undocumented immigrants, etc.

These are the same hippies who told us the oil pipeline in Alaska would decimate the caribou population, when the opposite occurred. It's the same hippies who told us we'd run out of oil by 1980, when we've discovered more since 1980 than we ever thought possible. These are the same hippies who told us in the early 1970s that the world is cooling! The best advice you can give your kids is, "Don't listen to hippies."

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1. Drudge: "Saddam Hussein believes the Americans may reinstall him as president of Iraq, the NEW YORK TIMES is planning to report on Sunday, newsroom sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT." This is obviously a delusion, but it brings to mind the concept that Muslim nations are generally brutal dictatorships or insane theocracies. Why might that be? Drudge.

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