Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ward Churchill guilty of academic misconduct

Ever wonder what happened to the U of Colorado professor who likened 9/11 victims to "Little Eichmans"? Almost unbelievably, the worm is still at the U. An investigative panel, however, has just found him guilty of academic misconduct. Old Ward won't throw in the towel, of course. interviewed Ward; emphasis mine:

    The five-member committee's 125-page report was released to the public Tuesday. In it, the committee found Churchill deliberately committed several forms of research misconduct, including plagiarism and misrepresentation of facts.

    In an exclusive interview with 9NEWS Churchill said of the panel, "These were not my peers in any direct sense at all. There was not a single person competent in my field, competent in American Indian oral history, competent in any of the areas that are at issue here, with the exception of law."

    The committee was split on what should happen to Churchill now. Several members said he should be suspended without pay for several years, and one wanted him dismissed from the university outright.

Oh, how the USA will improve when this hateful, hippie generation passes on. I don't outright hope for the death of folks who were 15-25 years of age during the Vietnam War, but I really believe we will see some progress after their hatred of America disappears from the culture.


donnab said...

Mr. Churchill is a brave individual. Just becasue you, Mr. Long, don;t agree with his politics does not mean he is not a man who should me respected and admired. Anyone involved in teaching needs to expand the horizon of their student, and Mr Churchill has done that. Instead of condemmning him you should be lauding him.

The Shaved Ape said...

Someone somewhere, perhaps in a cold and disagreeable climate, is sipping an Italian soda at a coffee shop while listening to liberals chirp like magpies -- and getting a nice chuckle out of pretending to be the mysterious "donnab".

Well, hardee har har. Heeee, heee.

" should be lauding him."

Ohhh, heee, ha ha, wooooweeee.

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