Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Something is very wrong in the world

Five items to get you angry...

5. Saudi Arabia elected to the UN Human Rights Council. Fort Wayne News-Sentinel.

4. A news report says the U.S. government is reporting to the Mexican government the whereabouts of Minutemen operations. Daily Bulletin via Drudge.

3. "France, however, has become something of a joke within EU circles where these memorandums are looked upon as annoying windmill tilting by a country which ousted itself from any position of influence." No Pasaran.

2. "A judge said Monday he is likely to prohibit the state from requiring that high school seniors pass an exit exam to graduate, siding with attorneys who say the test discriminates against the poor." AP via Yahoo News.

1. "Following three accidents in New York City, some grieving parents are asking for legislation mandating that TV sets carry warning labels that they're heavy and can kill or injure you if you have the bad fortune to be underneath them when they topple over." Overlawyered.

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