Monday, May 08, 2006

Pre-theft stolen goods on eBay, and other stuff

A few good blog entries...

5. "The judge in the case ruled that Apple's logo does not resemble that of Apple Corp., and that iTunes isn't technically a music store, but rather a data transmission service. A 1991 agreement between the two companies specifically allowed for data transmission and the judge deserves credit for understanding what iTunes truly is. Hopefully more people will recognize that laws regulating specific kinds of media are outmoded in an era when it can all be broken down into indistinguishable streams of data." TechDirt.

4. "Still, perhaps the most fascinating issue in the story is that some are convinced that shoplifters are posting things to eBay before they steal goods. They see people posting clothing in various colors and sizes, and assume that these are "steal to order" deals, where the thief waits for an "order" and then goes into a store and steals the matching item." TechDirt.

3. A fan-made Battlefield 2 video is mistaken for a jihad video by U.S. officials. ArsTechnica.

2. "'It conjures the experience and scenario of hitting mosquitoes in our daily lives.' WTF? Apparently this traps mosquitos and then those hands slap together. We repeat: WTF? Seriously. All it takes to be an artsy-fartsy designer now is a CAD/CAM program and some Red Bull." Gizmodo.

1. "Two Australian miners trapped for more than a week in a tiny cage almost half a mile underground have been given iPods to help them pass the time as rescuers began drilling an escape tunnel." Guardian via Gadgetopia.

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