Sunday, March 26, 2006

Laughable damage control at IslamiCity

I found another odd article posted at, this one entitled "Stop the 'Clash' Talk'. The article is devoted to debunking the concept that the West is involved in a clash of civilizations. I happen to support the idea that it's not such a clash -- how can a 21st century civilization "clash" with a 1st century civilization? Not much of a clash -- It's more like bicyclists yelling at cars as they go by on the highway.

-- Negative media images of Islam & Muslims.

-- Suspicion of Muslims and stereotyping.

-- Influential (negative) evangelists

-- Non-Muslim unawareness of the positive history of Islam

-- Some Muslims misrepresenting Islam

-- Some assert that Islam has always been at "war"

-- Some Muslims are themselves ignorant of their history

This is outlandish stuff. The 'clash' idea comes from none of the above. Rather, it comes from Muslims butchering innocent civilians, including women and little babies, as a response to things like publishing cartoons in a newspaper. The idea also comes from things like the Afghani man who converted from Islam to Christianity and promptly was imprisoned with a death sentence. The idea comes from things like passenger jets being flown into skyscrapers. It comes from 40 years of terrorism, suicide bombings, and other activity warranting the same kinds of sentiments the West developed for the Nazis.

Here's a sequence from the article that caused my jaw to hang open:

    Neither were we (Muslims) involved in the Holocaust of millions of innocent Jews, nor in the killings in Vietnam, nor in the American slave trade, nor in the dropping of atomic bombs anywhere. In fact, we are victims of state-organized terror in many parts of the world. The fact that more than 60% of the present world refugees are Muslims verifies that.

What? Generally speaking, Muslims don't involve themselves in world events because they can't. Their countries are just too poor to do anything but conduct clan rivalries.

"...(not) involved in the holocaust of millions of innocent jews"

Nearly all Islamic nations were allied with Adolf Hitler during WWII. Mein Kempf is a best seller in Turkey and most other nations with a Muslim majority. And, leaders who command much respect within the Muslim world, and who routinely speak in the Middle East, as well as write articles for major newspapers from Cairo to Gaza, deny the holocaust.

Killings in Vietnam

Vietnam could have been another Germany or Japan, as opposed to the pathetic place it is now. Standing up to communism was a very good thing to do. Or does anyone approve of the tens of millions of people killed under Joe Stalin or Mao Tse-duong?

American slave trade

There is really no defense for the slave trade, except to say that nearly all cultures on earth were involved in slavery at one time or another, including Muslims. That the USA was one of the last countries to have legalized slavery is shameful, for sure -- but I'm angered to be reminded of that by anyone belonging to a culture that kills daughters for speaking to men and stones women to death for becoming pregnant outside of wedlock. Americans did neither to the slaves.

Dropping atomic weapons

This is another overt attempt to show that Muslim culture is better than the hated USA culture. Dropping The Bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima is not something we're sorry about. Ending that war early was the right thing to do. If you ever have the opportunity to kill a couple hundred thousand people to save more than one million, don't hesitate to make the right decision.

"...we are victims of state-organized terror in many parts of the world. The fact that more than 60% of the present world refugees are Muslims verifies that."

Muslims are refugees because they are led by totalitarian despots like the late Yaser Arafat, who squandered most of the money the West gave him. Hasni Mubarak has had total control of Egypt for how long? Hamas, an organization that conducts and funds "martyrdom operations" (suicide bombings) against wholly innocent civilians, is running the Palestinian territories now. Look in the mirror, guys, to see why "more than 60% of the present world refugees are Muslims".

The article is not only a gross misrepresentation of history, it is a laughable attempt at damage control because we Americans haven't formed opinions based on "negative media images" or the likes of Pat Robertson.

Our opinions are based on the thousands upon thousands of ordinary civilians killed at the hands of Muslims in the name of their religion.

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