Thursday, January 26, 2006

Muslims at the gate

Question: What do you get when you combine AK47s and nuclear technology with 8th century fundamentalist ideals?

Answer: A big, big problem in the form of the modern Muslim radical.

Palestinians have elected members of an armed terrorist organization to fill numerous seats in parliament.

Iran threatens to block 25% of world's oil.

Let's swat these gnats. Even some liberals concur that wiping out the Nazis -- believers of a radical ideology -- was okay. Perhaps some will understand that radical Muslims are the new big problem facing the world.

Holy crap! I just found this misguided socialist (read: idiot) news outlet romanticizing Hamas elevation to the Palestinian parliament. My gawd.

From The Toronto Star:

    RAMALLAH, West Bank—They got through it with flying colours, Fatah yellow and Hamas green, in a day that saw the two defining movements of the Palestinian people mesh as one.

    And watching from the sidelines, you couldn't help but think this apparent triumph of ballots over bullets was really just the easy part.

What a complete, fucking idiot the author, Mitch Potter, must be. Every last person in the world concedes that Fatah and Hamas are terrorist organizations, with the blood of little kids and other innocent civilians on their hands.

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