Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Google conspires to oppress people of China

In the span of less than 10 days Google refuses a U.S. government order to turn over search records, presumably because it would infringe on American expectations of privacy (i.e. freedom and civil liberties), and Google accepts government censoring in China.

This is a troubling double-standard.

In America, anyone can criticize government, and the people have a long list of rights guaranteed by an iron-clad constitution. While the U.S. government occasionally overreaches its power, as may be the case when it asked for Google's search information, Chinese people have NO RIGHTS.

The Chinese have no freedom of speech, no free press, no freedom of religion, no freedom of assembly, or any other basic freedoms. Any Chinese citizen standing on a street corning declaring against the government will disappear, never to be seen again. Don't be fooled by the new Formula 1 race or the Shanghai tennis tournament. This is a sad system of government and a dubious place in which to live.

Searching for "oppression in China" won't be allowed at Google China. Here are the results the Chinese government doesn't want the people to see.

So why does Google agree to conspire with the communist Chinese government against the people of China, but won't help the U.S. government find Al Qaeda cells within the USA?

Well, Google, we're waiting for an answer.

In the news: Google says "yes" to China; "no" to America.

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