Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Iran: Iraq Part Deux

1. An obstinate Middle Eastern leader issues threats to its neighbors and engages in schizoid saber rattling with any nation willing to engage.

2. Upon learning said Middle Eastern country is developing weapons of mass destruction in secret, Eurocratic and UN weapons inspectors are invited, and then ejected.

3. Repeat No. 2.

4. Repeat No. 2.

5. Repeat No. 2.

6. The UN debates referral to the Security Council, with objections raised by Russia and China. Eventually Russia softens, and the matter moves to the SC.

1-6 could describe pre-war Iraq or the present situation with Iran. Will Iran's path follow Iraq as we move forward?

7. Watered down by China, sanctions are imposed, whilst the obstinate Iranian leader increases the flow and volume of unhinged rhetoric.

8. Years of sanctions ensue, costing UN member nations billions and billions of dollars. No end in sight.

9. Iran ignores more than 20 consecutive UN Security Council resolutions.

10. UN responds by issuing another resolution.

11. Led by France and China, many nations deal with Iran in secret, amounting to the largest instance of fraud in human history.

12. The United States liberates the people of Iran, simultaneously removing the threat posed by the leadership. Democratic elections are scheduled.

13. When chrome-plated, nuclear bombs are not found lying around in Tehran's town square, the socialist world and their liberal cousins call U.S. president a "liar".

14. Just prior to U.S. elections, and more than 18 months after major combat operations have concluded, Kojo Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, declares the Iran War illegal.

15. Just prior to U.S. elections, Michael Moore II launches documentary film showing Iranian children flying kites alongside a peaceful river, omitting scores of years worth of brutal tortures and some of the most oppressive conditions humans have ever been forced to live under.

16. Just prior to U.S. elections, a CBS News Anchor smears president with invalid documents. He is forced into retirement. Others are fired.

17. U.S. president re-elected.

18. Moonpuppet Sheehan, grand daughter of Cindy Sheehan, camps outside the president's home, professing anger that the president won't meet with her. Sheehan omits the word "again". She is championed by the liberal press and Venezuela's chubby, megalomaniacal leader, Hugo Chavez, Jr.

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