Monday, January 30, 2006

'The cold and casual "hi"'

Saying "hi" to someone is cold and casual, is it not? What about hello?

I found an interesting story at Islam Online, written by a guy named Sherif Quinn. He's a Brit who went to Saudi Arabia and other points in the Middle East, and realized that Islam is much better than Christianity.

For instance:

    Hurtful tabloid newspaper gossip is alien to Muslim countries. The highest standards of courtesy are found in daily interactions: as-salamu `alaykum ("Peace be upon you") is the recurrent greeting, compared to the cold and casual "Hi."

I don't know about this "hi" business being cold, but the lack of tabloids in Muslim countries is attributable to something less than noble. There are precisely ZERO examples of free press in the Middle East -- save the ones that sprang up like wildflowers after the U.S. liberated Iraq.

Sherif should probably keep that in mind when he extols the virtues of Islam and the less than free societies that cling to it.

And, not to be outdone by the nutjobs at Islam Online, IslamiCity has a piece about terrorism becoming the official law of the land in the Palestinian territories.

    The elections mark a new beginning, one in which Hamas will take another step in its transformation from a popular liberation movement into a legitimate political party. It is a fresh start - both for the party and for the Palestinians - and marks the beginning of a new reality on the ground. The sooner Israelis, Americans and Europeans accept this reality, the sooner we can move toward resolving differences, and avoiding further conflagration.

And, MPAC all but threatens a long, dark night if the U.S. stops supplying money to the Palestinians. I'd like to make my solitary voice very clear: If Bush gives any of my money to terrorists, Hamas in this instance, I will take out my anger on his policital party for the next 20 years. That can be taken to the bank.

There have been "martyrdom" operations eminating from the Palestinian territories for decades, fomented by the late terrorist-in-chief Yes Sir Arafat. I am fucking tired of it. My money does NOT go to these people. And I DO have a say in it.

From MPAC:

    If the U.S. imposes sanctions, anyone who does business or humanitarian work in the occupied territories will be endangered. Additionally, withdrawing any funds from the Palestinian Authority as a result of this election would be counterproductive, would wrongly punish the Palestinian people for voting their conscience, and would hinder democratization in the region.

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