Wednesday, March 04, 2015

HNGN some kind of sick joke

I clicked on an HNGN -- whatever that means -- news story. Most frustrating website I've seen since 1995. WTF. I get that ads keep my content free. This is why I don't employ an adblocker. I occasionally click on ads because I would like my content to remain free. HNGN has gone too far. I've also decided to never return to sites that autoplay videos, even if it's legitimate content. Are you listening, USA Today? Sites need to change their defaults.

1. Begin reading "HNGN" story.

2. Intrusive ad moves across story.

3. Have to kill ad manually.

4. As soon as I resume reading story, a video ad begins playing, with LOUD audio.

5. Manually mute ad.

6. In anger and frustration, kill tab, vow to never view HNGN site again.

7. HNGN even annoys after it has been killed. New tab pops up for one of HNGN's advertisers.

8. Kill new tab.

9. Bing News can stop linking to HNGN or I will stop visiting Bing News.

If acceptable profits can't be made online without an insane amount of fury-inducing advertising, then it's a failed business and people should vacate the space.

I've been ridiculed online for not using adblockers. Here's the latest response I posted to one of those people:

Because I have a kind and gentle soul, I will explain the reasons we enjoy free content on the web, and how we can continue to receive it. The advertising is the reason we have free content. Allow the ads, and click on any that interest you, even if you don't buy anything. Occasionally, click on ads that don't interest you. If you think this strategy is for idiots and suckers, and we should all vacuum up free stuff just because we can, you are either A) a teenager suffering the typical rebellious, hormone-fueled angst, or B) an adult who never evolved past A. Good luck with that.

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