Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pravda is hilarious

I haven't read Pravda in a long time, so I decided to check it out tonight. These people are not sane. Here are a few tidbits, with each paragraph from a different story:
    Notice in the West the so called journalists are nowhere to be found on the battlefield in Ukraine as this man was here. I am certainly not addressing the media like CNN, FOX, CBS  and the other court jesters who are paid clowns in the freak show called "US government". They dare tell America lies about the war.
    (The US joins European wars) only when the enemy is sufficiently worn out. While you throw as many bombs on the heads of innocent civilians as you can, razing the beautiful cities and towns in which they live, you only send in ground troops when the enemy has effectively been beaten by an ally. That is what FDR did.
    The US has been ravaging the world, thinking that they are exceptional, indispensible and that they have a God-given right to take over and rule the world. They have been attempting to achieve global domination since 1492, beginning with their mass murderer hero, Christopher Columbus. The US is truly the ugly, bastard child of barbarian Europe, although the US has advanced itself to become master over Europe.
Some headlines:
    Pentagon commands the Ukrainian army
    US started Ukraine civil war
    Obama's State of the Union: Illusions, exceptionalism, empty promises
    S&P junks Russia at USA's bidding

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