Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MIT ranked No. 1 university on Earth for 3rd time in row

MIT is ranked No. 1 and has been in the top spot for three years running. The U.S. claimed 11 out of the 20 top spots. BBC story here. I always see these kinds of rankings, and when you couple that with some of the achievements here -- 1st silicon chip, internet, man on the moon, etc. -- you immediately see the disconnect between reality and the western media, which never misses an opportunity to mention how fat and stupid we are.

Another interesting tidbit: every new Ferrari sold today has GM shock absorbers, according to car magazines. Technically, Ferrari licensed the electromagnetic ferro-fluid patented by General Motors, and invented by Cadillac engineers. The shocks are filled with an oil permeated by microscopic metal flakes. When an electrical current is run through the oil, it can compress and decompress many times per second, which works well for modern stability control. Ferrari couldn't make better shocks, so they bit the bullet and licensed GM technology. Not bad for ignorant fat people, eh?

Also, the reason you don't see many Cadillacs or Corvettes in Europe is because of socialist taxation rates. A new Corvette Stingray starts at $52,000 in America, but starts at around $110,000 in Europe because of taxes there. The western press says the lack of American muscle and luxury in Europe is because the quality is lower, but that's not reality. The quality of Corvette in particular is legendary, hence the many Le Mans victories. The brand has overall victories, too, not just class victories. Car people know what that means. It's taxes, and that is protectionism. If there was parity, Porsches and Mercedes would start at $200k in the U.S.

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