Wednesday, August 06, 2014

It Might Get Loud

At approximately 55:45 in the documentary It Might Get Loud, Jimmy Page straps on a guitar and starts Whole Lotta Love. The faces of Jack White and The Edge say what needs to be said. Children sitting before their father; Hercules entertained by Zeus. Whole Lotta Love was probably the first hard rock song ever produced. Fans of Van Halen, AC/DC and a lot of metal bands owe their thanks to LZ and WLL.

Another interesting thing about the documentary, The Edge indirectly ridicules Jimmy Page, and Jack White indirectly ridicules The Edge. The Edge says something about the arrogance of 15-minute guitar solos, something Jimmy Page was famous for, and Jack White says something about the wrongness of too much technology used in guitar playing, which The Edge is known for. This shows how rock guitar changed from generation to generation.

Below is my favorite part of It Might Get Loud. As much as I love Jimmy Page and respect The Edge, I wanted to hear more of Jack White.

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