Sunday, July 06, 2014

The Rain Song

I have to find something to post since my political complainings are in the past... Here are several covers of Led Zeppelin's Rain Song, which I consider to be one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever created. All of the musicians in these videos are extremely talented -- there are many hamfisted covers out there, and these are not those. As good as these people are, however, consider the talent of the person who first created the song -- Jimmy Page. Staggering, really. It's not classical guitar, sure, but it's nearly surreal talent on display.

As for JP, some of his individual talent is lost in LZ. That's blasphemy for true believers (Led Heads), but I think it's true. The band works well together, as all 4 members are (were) considered virtuosos. JP created 95% of the music, though, and his guitar playing shines through while simultaneously losing something with the other band members doing their thing. That's why I like covers. These artists fall short of JP, but JP's brilliance and talent are evident here in a way that isn't accessible in the full LZ version.

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