Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pogue is AWOL

A few months ago tech writer David Pogue made (tech) headlines around the nation when he jumped from the New York Times to Yahoo. The move was part of Mayer's attempt to make Yahoo relevant again. I thought it was a smart move. I'm a nobody, relatively speaking, and I've been reading Pogue for years at NYT, and planned to follow him to Yahoo. That was Mayer's point.

So, WHERE THE HELL IS HE? The move was announced months ago and I can find no sign of the guy. His website still has the same stale post about the move. Bing and Google show nothing of him at Yahoo or anywhere else. Is he taking a year off or something? I haven't seen anything about him at NYT since October 2013, when the paper did a story on his leaving. Since then, ditched its technology section, at least it's not at the top of the page, as it has been for many years. There's the all-important Fashion & Style, but no Technology.

None of this is terribly important, but I need to do something now that I no longer follow politics (much). Now that we have a president who can only claim the presidency in the sense that he's presiding over the demise of America, there's really no point. The far-left K-12 system is churning out Commiekids who believe "income inequality" is a bad thing. We should all be paid the same, right? The high school dropout flipping burgers and smoking pot should get the same money as the guy who gets a PhD and works at NASA, right? The Commiekids are too young to know about Stalin and Marx, so they don't recognize the same product, repackaged with new marketing. The First Lady said yesterday that she loves Jane Fonda -- a communist and traitor to the nation. If I had been president in the 1970s, Fonda would have been imprisoned on treason charges, and she'd still be languishing there today.

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