Monday, September 30, 2013

The American government

This Washington Post article details the type of government we have. Next time you hear Democrats and their press extolling the virtues of big, powerful government (which is 24/7 in the press, TV and Hollywood), remember this. Unfortunately, this isn't a precedent. That was set long ago. Here are a few other recent examples:

1. The head of the Border Patrol union complained publicly that the Obama administration isn't letting them do the jobs they were hired to do. He was arrested and currently faces charges by the IRS.

2. Non-profits which are not friendly to the Obama administration are illegally manhandled by the IRS.

3. A filmmaker who produced a terrible movie criticizing Muslims was blamed by Obama for inciting Muslim violence in the Middle East. Never mind that free Americans are allowed to produce any kind of movie they like, even if it's offense to some. The IRS immediately went after him. He was arrested and only recently released from jail. We have since learned that Obama blamed the filmmaker for the violence in Benghazi, knowing full well the film was not related to the event. It was a pre-planned terrorist attack, which has been proved conclusively.

4. Every time a state tries to stop voter fraud, Obama immediately sues. A fresh lawsuit was filed today, in fact. The spurious pretext for these lawsuits is bigotry. As the Dems say, if you want people to need to show a picture ID to vote, you're trying to keep the blacks down. This is, of course, utter nonsense. Anybody can cheaply get a picture ID, whether they drive or not. Most voter fraud in the U.S. is committed by illegal aliens, and they always vote Democrat. No surprise Democrats want the illegal practice to continue. This is why the terminology for illegals has evolved. It went from illegal aliens to illegal immigrants to undocumented immigrants to the present term, undocumented Democrats.

5. As government surveillance of U.S. citizens (and worldwide) grows exponentially, it's interesting to note that one telecom CEO refused to go along. He was arrested, tried, and spent just over four years in prison. Joseph Nacchio is out now, and says the trial was punishment for refusing the government when it demanded access to Qwest's records. He was found guilty of insider trading -- I guess that could be true. I have a feeling we'll never really know.

If you're not in bed with Obama and our government, you get fucked. We aren't free anymore, people. Actually, we were never free, but the freedoms we once enjoyed are rapidly evaporating. Prove me wrong if you don't agree. Today the federal government shuts down, or parts of it, and we're better off.

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