Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reddit turns against Obama

For three straight days the top posts at Reddit have been anti-Obama. The young idiots of America have finally figured out who and what he is. It's too late now, though. If I didn't already know "the masses" were stupid as hedgehogs, I'd be shocked that it took so long for people to wake up.

One of Obama's top people said: "Wouldn't it be great to be like China for a day, so we can get some things done?" China is, of course, run by a communist dictatorship that oppresses, sometimes brutally, its population. A hand-picked Obama man wants to be a communist dictator. Another amazing thing is that with all of the communists surrounding the president, for his whole life, and the press has rather skilfully avoided connecting Obama to any of them, even though he appoints them and is advised by them! It's a Jedi mind trick, but it only works on people who get their news exclusively from liberal sources.

Obama's first jobs tsar, Van Jones, is an admitted communist. Unsurprisingly, not a single job was created.

One of Obama's minions put an ornament on the White House Christmas tree showing a picture of Mao Tsedong, a communist dictator responsible for the death of millions of people, and the brutal imprisonment and enslavement of many millions more. Ever heard of re-education? That was a Mao specialty. I read a memoir of a survivor. I recommend you do the same -- and then stop voting for people who want to be like them.

Obama, belonging to the ideology that says the War on Drugs is a stupid waste of time and money, has shut down most of California's medical marijuana industry. Over 90% of all legal (at the CA level) marijuana dispensaries have been raided by the FBI and closed under Obama. George Bush, the guy who belongs to the ideology that says the War on Drugs is a worthwhile fight, did almost nothing to hinder medical marijuana. The FBI was told to leave it alone. Who believes in states' rights, and who believes in a dictatorial, all-powerful federal government?

Obama had a midnight signing (in a media dead zone, of course) for the NDAA, the law that allows the federal government to incarcerate, indefinitely, U.S. citizens, on U.S. soil, without charges. Obama also tried to get congress to give him a switch that would allow him to shut down the entire Internet within the U.S. This is something all communist nations have, plus Syria and Egypt and Qatar and most thuggish kingdoms.

Many of Obama's advisers have been communists, from his youth in Hawaii to his college professors to the man who proposed he first run for public office (Bill Ayers).

Many prominent left-wing journalists, Obama supporters all, have been warning about Obama's manipulation of the press, and they've been warning us for several years. Notable quotes from them include, "They ought to be hanging their heads in shame," and, "This is an outrage that they do this." These are his own supporters! Both reporters are well known liberal journalists, and both quotes are several years old! And America is JUST NOW admitting what has been know for a long, long time. That is the power of propaganda; the power of the press.

Obama used the IRS to attack his political opponents (even as Harry Reid mocked the concerned people by having the gall to say, "imagined tyranny"), and as we learned just today, the problem is much larger than previously admitted. As the IRS stonewalls congressional hearings, they are using the same tactic large corporations use when they get hacked and lose customer data -- start with a small admission, then slowly ramp up the full scale of the problem as the media spotlight moves elsewhere. It is a strategy of deceit, and nearly as bad as the original problem.

Obama has increased the federal debt by more than 50%. He has spent more money than all previous presidents combined. We're up to $17,000,000,000,000 in debt. Meanwhile, people with similar communist views, such as writers for the New York Times, are writing stories like the recent one titled, "Austerity kills." Austerity is a laughable misnomer, anyway. Reducing your overspending to a 10% deficit is not austere. It's still reckless and damaging to the country. This is what we've become thanks to a liberal press and Hollywood and universities -- those who think the nation should live within its means are openly called murderers, when they're not being called bigots.

SO, AFTER FIVE LONG YEARS of dictatorial and downright thuggish behavior, all of which is purely anti-liberty, the leftists of America (and the merely stupidly ignorant) are finally figuring it out. What FUCKING STUPID IDIOTS. I'm not adopting NPR's monotone calmness here. When people are fucking stupid idiots, I think it's okay to call them fucking stupid idiots. I really don't have any time for people who tell me they're liberal. I'd like them all to go to China and give up their liberty and enjoy that as best they can, rather than try to make our society match that pathetic one. I have scarcely more time for people who tell me they're conservative. It's libertarian or loss of liberty. Simple as that.

As a sidebar, the people of Argentina and Brazil are waking up too. They were dumb enough to vote in communist presidents, and are now furious about how things are turning out. Argentina's communist bitch said, "Equality is more important than liberty," while Brazil's communist bitch is a "former" communist guerrilla fighter. People get what they vote for. The problem is, left-wing presses, around the world, are covering for these leftist thugs. By the time the average (uninformed) person figures it out, the damage is already done.

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