Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Two European villages, two windfalls

I found two interesting stories about people coming into money in Europe. One is in Belgium, where safe robbers lost the safe out of the back of their veihcle during the getaway, spreading half a million euros in the street. Townspeople turned in some of the found money, but not all of it. Everyone holding money in this small town now, a week after the fact, is a criminal. Funny story and video here, and another video here.

The other story is about a small village in Spain that recently won the largest lottery in the world -- close to 3/4 of a billion euros. In light of Spain's massive economic problems and high unemployment rate, the windfall means a lot to the locals. The story is fascinating and well written. At GQ via Longform. GQ, btw, has a lot of great writing.

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