Friday, March 01, 2013

Speedometers and top speed

Ahhhhh, another revelation about the American public that justifies the name of this blog. From AP:
    The speedometer on the Toyota Yaris says the tiny car can go 140 miles per hour.
    In reality, the bulbous subcompact's 106-horsepower engine and automatic transmission can't push it any faster than 109.
    So why do the Yaris — and most other cars sold in the U.S. — have speedometers that show top speeds they can't possibly reach?
The opening line is pure idiocy. Class A idiocy. It's a false statement. You know, when you put three apples in the scale at the supermarket, there's still room left on the gauge. They're lying, because the apples don't weigh six pounds! This is almost beyond belief.

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