Saturday, March 23, 2013

New York Times v. Renata Adler

Renata Adler has a story in Harper's detailing her harsh treatment at the hands of the New York Times.

It turns out Renata is not very bright. Or, if she is bright, she willingly made herself appear the fool by sidestepping an issue larger than a Nimitz class aircraft carrier. She's a writer who has come under fire from The New York Times for a criticism of Judge Sirica. The criticism was a single sentence, and demonstrably true, and the Times decided to devote no less than eight stories to bashing her. Here's the sentence in question:
    Contrary to his reputation as a hero, Sirica was in fact a corrupt, incompetent, and dishonest figure, with a close connection to Senator Joseph McCarthy and clear ties to organized crime.
Close ties to McCarthy? Let's begin there. Why does the left have such a white-hot burning hated of McCarthy? He fought communists in America. He fought the people who today work in the press. Of course McCarthy is hated. To say Sirica had "a close connection to" the man automatically brings Renata in the cross hairs -- just as fast as you can snap your fingers. In effect, poor Renata announced: "Sirica was in league with somebody who tried to destroy us." And, more generally, how dare she say something negative about somebody who played a role in bringing down the Nixon administration?"

Why do I think Ms. Renata is not very bright? Her analysis of why the Times is going after her is so far off the mark it made me sit up and laugh out loud. She thinks it's because she criticized the press. Wrong. Wrong, and wrong.

Sirica is a hero of the far-left. C'mon, Renata. He's the judge who tried the Watergate perpetrators. Anybody who brings down a non-Communist is immediately a superstar in the eyes of the Times and all champions of communists. WTF? Look at what is happening to Woodward right now -- precisely the same thing. Woodward, a far-left hero, had the gall to criticize a communist, and now he's being ruthlessly attacked by the far-left. Seeing a child being eaten by its own parents is a sad thing.

Renata is being eaten by the leftist machine and doesn't even seem to know why. What's happening is a tragedy all around, but what Renata has done is far worse than anything the Times could ever do. It is never about informing the public with leftists, it is all about pushing communism and destroying anyone who stands in their way. MSNBC is a fairly good example. This is the "news" organization that labels people bigot whenever they speak against a communist. This is not news. This is pushing a far-left (i.e. communist) agenda.

I recommend that everyone read the Harper's article. The writing is clumsy, but it's entertaining.

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