Sunday, February 17, 2013

A drink of water and underage prostitutes

Marco Rubio, a Republican Hispanic, is being ridiculed in the press for taking an awkward drink of water during a speech. It was an embarrassing moment for Rubio, no doubt.

Another Hispanic politician, Bob Menendez, a Democrat, is alleged to have been taking regular trips to the Dominican Republic in a donor's private jet (illegal) and enjoying underage prostitutes (illegal). It is "alleged" because the charges haven't been proven in court yet, but most pundits are behaving as if it's a done deal.

Let's see now... a drink of water or illegal junkets for the purpose of having sex with children. Which story deserves more coverage? The far-left press has made Rubio's drink of water headline news for days now. One media outlet asked, "Is this a career ender?" Conversely, most of the left-wing press is completely ignoring the Menendez story, and the few that bother themselves are barely mentioning it and then moving on.

Which of the two stories -- Rubio and Menendez -- is a bigger story?

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