Friday, December 14, 2012

Susan Rice backs out

Rice's withdrawal is a loss for the media, who fought tenaciously for her, portraying detractors as racist. Never mind that she and the administration lied about Benghazi -- continually for two months. And now the right-wing media is almost as foolish, in my opinion. They're viewing this as a win for Republicans. I don't think it is. Obama traded her for something. My guess is we're going to see some surprise support from Republicans on other nominees, or a quick agreement on the fiscal cliff.

While I'm in a conspiracy mood, how about that fiscal cliff? Do you think an agreement is being delayed due to disagreements, or are they waiting for the Media Dead Zone (Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve)? I have a feeling the entire country is going to hate the final plan, so releasing it in the Dead Zone would make perfect sense.

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