Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Patreus caliope

As the media feasts on the bloated carcass of General Patraeus' reputation, it's interesting to see how that reputation has risen and fallen lately. Under Bush, the leftists hated him so much they called him General Betray-Us. When Obama first came to power and decided to keep him, like a mangy dog the previous owner left in the house, the left decided they like him. It's kind of like Larry Summers, who was crucified by the left for saying women may not be as good as men at math and science, and then when Obama made him an adviser, the left decided to like him again.

Now, of course, Betray-Us, or Patraeus, or whatever the media is calling him these days, is out of favor once again thanks to snatch and a scandal that involves Benghazi and now the top Afghanistan general, who is also slated to become the next NATO commander. Was to become the NATO chief, that is.

Patraeus already has more than one published biography, which says more about him than the actual content of those books, but his next one will really be worth reading -- if he can manage to tell the truth.

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