Friday, November 23, 2012

Egypt has a new king

All hail King Morsi. Originally elected by the people with 53% of the vote, he just granted himself dictatorial powers less than a year later. The man belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, a proud terrorist organization since the 1930s. As a news junkie, I didn't fail to notice how the left-wing news in America covered the Arab Spring. It's a beautiful democratic revolution spreading across the Arab world, they told us. It never was, and a few bloggers (like me), plus Fox News, said otherwise all along. A few lefties figured it out along the way, but not many. Maybe, after today's news, the reality of events in the Arab world will begin to penetrate the liberal bubble. It's sad to say that the West (and the whole world) is better off with dictators running Middle East countries, but it's true. Dictators can be bought, terrorists generally cannot.

The strangest part of the Arab Spring is that the Egyptians, who elected Morsi, are now gearing up to protest the very guy they voted for. They seem even less intelligent than American liberals. I mean, seriously, what the H did they think was going to happen when they elected a radical Islamist? This was all very predictable (and predicted). It is kind of sad that the choices the average Egyptians are faced with are corrupt dictatorships or corrupt Islamists.

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