Sunday, September 23, 2012

Obama is a total failure

Obama's worst month has been Sept. 2012. His foreign policy is a 100% disaster. As our people are being killed and burned alive, Obama is apologizing to animals like the Pakistanis. He is not living in reality. This is a cowardly liberal trying to appease scum. Meanwhile, in the midst of the worst American foreign policy blunder since Carter, both NPR and the BBC are asking this question: With all of the "gaffes" and "fumbles," will Mitt Romney's campaign survive September? You can only chuckle at their tenacity. The president sinks in his own folly and the leftist press ignores reality.

Obama and Hillarious Clinton ran a TV ad in Pakistan to appease the animals. This is outrageous to begin with. What happened next is quite funny. A minister within the Pakistani government, just one day after the cowardly commercial aired, offered a $100,000 bounty for the killing of the filmmaker. Salman Rushdie is having flashbacks, no doubt. The animals are at it again, and the cowardly Western governments are rushing to appease.

On the topic of Pakistan, a bill before the Senate was shot down with 90 out of 100 senators voting against  defunding Pakistan, Egypt, and Libya. Dems and Repubs together, doing the wrong thing. We're giving money to zoo animals who hate us. Sure, not all of them hate us, but when a government official in Pakistan offers $100k to murder a U.S. citizen for criticizing a barbaric, fetid "religion", that's too much. The money needs to be cut off immediately. Pakistan is an enemy, not an ally.

This isn't the beginning with Pakistan. They tortured and imprisoned the guy who gave us Bin Laden. That should have been enough to stop borrowing money from Asia to give to Pakistan. It's time to stop handling these animals with care, and simply tell Pakistan what they are going to do, and how they are going to behave, and explain the consequences of doing anything else.

Leftist media, strangely, is still pushing the surreal "tiny minority" angle. If it really is a "tiny minority" of Muslims causing the problems, I would suggest that this vast majority of peaceful Muslims put a muzzle on their animals, because eventually the U.S. will have a president who stands up for America. About that tiny minority -- 53% of Egyptians voted in the Muslim Brotherhood. I don't believe 53% is a minority.

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