Thursday, September 13, 2012

Libya and other Islamist strongholds explode

The timeline of recent events in the Middle East is shocking, matched only by the response from Our Little President™.

1. US embassy in Libya attacked. Our ambassador was murdered, along with three State Department workers. The Al Qaeda flag was raised at our embassy. This is so weird, because Obama said the war on terror is over. Did the radical Muslims not get the message? Another message missed by the radicals: the more easily offended you are, the weaker you are. Strong, confident people can't get their feathers ruffled.

Looks like Obama's number one priority for NASA -- outreach to the Muslim world -- has failed.

Here's what is happening: The Arab Spring was and is a shift from dictatorial governments to Islamist governments. This is a known quantity, and it was known early on to all but the far-left. That our embassies would be attacked by people who hate America with a burning passion was a foregone conclusion. Yet Obama and Hillary were surprised by this. The Libyan embassy received numerous threats, and still no Marines were standing guard. Shameful, pathetic, incompetent.

Remember that the U.S. helped Libya defeat the dictator Gadaffi? We helped free them, and this is how they repay us. I would have closed the embassies in the Middle East 10 minutes after the attacks, and cut off all money (which should never have gone to dictators in the first place).

It's all about a movie that was produced in the U.S., supposedly showing Mohammed (PBUH!). The horror. Do the Middle Easterners not realize that nobody in America had ever heard about this movie until they lost control of themselves? We don't care (except the far-left weirdos). Only leftists around here are afraid of angering Muslims.

2. Hillary Clinton apologizes to Libyans

3. Obama apologizes for the apology

4. Hillary Clinton apologizes for the apology for the apology

5. Egyptian begins protests against the U.S. Chant of the Egyptian mob: "Obama, there are still a billion Osamas." Obama just gave Egypt over $1 billion in borrowed money -- at a higher interest rate due to his lowering of our credit rating.

6. Meanwhile, Obama snubs our only ally in the Middle East. Get this -- Obama told Netanyahu he didn't have time to meet him, but he had time to meet with a rapper and go on the David Letterman show. Israel knows they're alone in the world now, or at least until next January. Story 1; story 2.

7. Oh, and by the way, our embassies in Algeria and Tunisia are warning that protests there are imminent. Protests have already started in Morocco. The mob chant there? "Death to Obama!" Bet you won't see that covered in leftist media.

8. The Arab Spring has come to Chicago, according to the striking teachers. They are pleased their little protest is similar to the Arab Spring. The teacher's union is full of communists, as evidenced by the marxist clenched fist symbols and Che Guevara t-shirts -- Che being a hardcore communist, cold-blooded murderer of thousands of people, and anti-American.

Chicago teachers earn an average salary of $76,000, not including Cadillac benefits, whereas the average salary for the private sector is $40,000. The teachers are striking because they want a 30% raise. Did you read that correctly? They earn almost double the average salary, and are striking for a 30% raise. Also, the school day in Chicago is 5.75 hours.

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