Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Silver lining for leftists in Chicago murders

Chicago is awash in blood this year, with murders being committed daily. This far-left city, run by Democrats, is unable to stop the violence. Perhaps more "civilized dialogue" with bang-bangers would work? Increasing the strength of labor unions might be a good idea too, eh leftists?

Chicago Sun Times:
    Memorial Day weekend in Chicago: Over a span of 72 hours, gunfire claims the lives of a dozen people. Another 45 are shot and wounded. It is another in what’s become a steady stream of violent weekends, casting the city into an unwanted national spotlight. Families of murder victims feel like the city has forgotten them, but police promise their new anti-violence strategies will pay off.
The silver lining is that dead people have a long history of voting for Democrats, so maybe this is some kind of ploy to increase votes for the left. --hehe

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