Saturday, August 04, 2012

Romney coverage 86% negative

No shocker that 86% of Romney's media coverage is negative. I've been saying for years that 85% of the press is liberal (that's not a gut feel, it is based on fact). Still, it's amazing to see the numbers line up so well.

The Media Research Center analyzed the coverage. Story here.

The largest, and most obvious, example of liberal bias in political coverage in recent weeks has been Romney's overseas trip. In London, Romney spoke the truth about Olympic security. Media around the world had been raising the same questions as Romney, and the moment Romney says the exact same thing, the American liberal press immediately says Romney committed a "gaffe". Even a CNN stooge, Piers Morgan, took issue with the portrayal of Romney in the media. Piers Morgan: "Everything Mitt Romney said was true." As Morgan says below in the video, the security situation was so bad in London, they called out the army.

Romney, by the way, is one of few people in the world with experience in Olympic security. He was in charge of the Salt Lake games.

Romney was given standing ovations in Poland and Israel. Both of these successful events were portrayed as failures in the press here. Watch the end of Romney's speech in Poland, and decide for yourself whether or not Romney "survived the fallout," as our liberal press characterized it, of the overseas trip:

To my knowledge, failures rarely get standing ovations. Also, world famous freedom fighters generally endorse the right guy:

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